How to Teach Children to Read

Stephen Lau
Dear Reader:

Teaching children to read is the responsibility of parents, not just that of teachers.

The ability to read holds the key to children's intelligence, which is fundamental to their  academic and intellectual progress.

FACT: According to the National Adult Literacy Survey, more than 40 million adult Americans cannot read, and another 50 million people whose reading skill is so poor that they can hardly be qualified as literates.

You donít want your child to become one of the statistics!

Give your child a head start in life!

Teach your child basic reading skills and reading strategies through everyday activities and games!

Did you know you could begin teaching evenone-month-old infant basic reading skills through everyday interactions? No kidding!

Develop your childís motor abilities and sensory perception!

Teaching reading should always begin at home, and parents should be their childís first teachers.

You donít need a course in reading instruction before you can effectively teach children reading and writing; you just need my book

29 steps of teaching children to read!

6 stages of reading progress with indicators of reading readiness for each stage!

90 activities/games to reinforce basic reading skills inculcated to children!

More than
50 color illustrations to show you how!

They will guide you along the process of teaching children reading.

You will enjoy
HOW TO TEACH CHILDREN TO READ with its rich illustrations, as well as the memorable experience of teaching children to read step-by-step through activities, games and your everyday interactions with them.

Make it a fun time to turn children into not only early but also proficient readers.

You can do it, and the book will show you how!

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